About us

About us

Credent Financials is one of the simple yet successful Direct Selling
Agent companies in India, widely known for its "always putting customers' needs first" policy.

Run by a group of ex-banking industry professionals who have 15+ years of industry experience and who live and breathe the financial services industry,

Credent Financials is definitely the place you should consider going for if you've got any financial requirements.

Why Credent Financials:

Financial services is one of the most inevitable & important sector required for the growth of every individual & corporate companies out there. And in this complex economy, not all financial service companies manage to meet the day-to-day requirements of people. This eventually made us think - Why not bring the much-needed change and make things better? And it all just happened - we started Credent Financials.

Our Mission

We at Credent Financials are all driven by one single motto - "To create a sustainable environment for people where they can focus on growth & building wealth". Credent Financials on a daily basis thrives and strives to provide a better future for people & better chances for community growth. And at the end of the day, we make sure our clients get nothing but the best from our side.

Why choose us

Why You Should Choose Credent Financials to Meet Your Financial Requirements?

Diverse Financial Services:

At Credent Financials, we don't stop with one. We make sure that we are the one-stop solution to all the financial needs & requirements of people. We help people get financial services such as Business Loan, Loan Against Property, Personal Loan, Auto Loan and more from best Banks & NBFC's. Also, we provide financial advisory and financial planning services on request - makes us an all-rounder in the financial sector.

Tie-Ups With Best Banks & NBFC's:

Credent Financials has tie-ups with some of the best Banks and NBFC's in the industry which helps you to choose from multiple existing options.

15+ Years of Experience:

Credent Financials is run by people who have 15+ years of experience in financial services role, which makes us even more knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy.

Complete Transparent Process:

Integrity has always been our key to success. We make sure that we are completely transparent with our clients when it comes to the process. Also, we make sure that our clients understand every possibility they have - no hidden strings attached.

Low-Interest Rates & Quick Processing:

We understand how important & immediate financial requirements are which is why we've always managed to come up with quick processing times. Also, a lower interest rate when compared with other financial service companies makes us the most preferred choice.

Customer Priority & Satisfaction Policy:

We make sure that we put our customers' needs in front and make sure their dreams are being achieved by consistent pursual of possibilities. With years of experience, it's always a win-win situation for our clients and as well us. Credent Financials thrives with one purpose - to help and make the lives & standards of people & corporate sectors better by assisting, providing them with financial services & requirements. If you are in need for any of our services, kindly get in touch with one of our experts at + 91 XXXXX XXXXX.


Tie-Ups With Best Banks & NBFC's: